As you may know, I’m an avid gamer and programmer. Over the last couple months, I’ve been working in Garrysmod, particularly with Wiremod’s Expression 2 language. I have made a couple things that i would like to share Project One: The Spectator Chair: Schematic: You want to have the Expression 2 pasted directly onto the… Read Article →

When I was in primary school, I was tasked with creating a news report. Many students did this, but I decided to go the extra mile, and thus Chris News was born. Be sure to watch the mug

One of my oldest ever projects was a short video called ‘meet the burps’. I think I was around seven or six at the time, and it isn’t that good. Even to this day I don’t know what the plot of the thing is. The video is hosted on my dad’s channel

Welcome to the brand new Nxmee.com site, I have revamped and remade it using WordPress. It’s now being hosted on ToxicHosting (Thanks andrew) The new site aims to focus on all my creative endevours, past and present. For the first while, I will be retroactively adding past projects, so watch this spac.

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