So for a while I streamed on Twitch. Well, if we're counting from my first stream to my last stream I streamed on twitch for close to 8 years, but putting it like that would be disingenuous.

I've been on Twitch as a platform for a while - In fact, so long I somehow have a highlight on my channel from 2013! That said, for the longest time my account was dormant, as other life things go in the way.

A screenshot of an old Twitch broadcast, featuring The Binding of Issac with Chris in the top left as a 14 year old
I've been a gamer for a hot minute

I properly picked up Twitch again in 2020, during your friend and mine, the pandemic. It started with me joining a lil cute Twitch community by the name of Deabba where I was welcomed and, eventually, encouraged to start streaming myself.

(I must add, Deabba's community wasn't the only one I was in when I started streaming, but you never forget your first ;) )

So the streams started, and with the help of the various communities I had joined, miraculously I got affiliate! This happened through a mix of gaming streams and some more creative art streams, where I borrowed my sister's old graphics tablet and put my shoddy hands to work.

A crude drawing of Thomas the tank engine, with the text "My Tank is Dry" underneath
Nightmarish stuff

This "Success" continued for a little while, with more gaming streams and more art streams, as well as some puppetry, being clowned by actual artists and poorly timed emotes (all clips you can check out)

Eventually, however, I decided streaming wasn't for me as it was too much having to entertain others at the expense of not having as much fun doing things I was trying to have fun during, so I stopped.

I may return one day, but we'll see.